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This site is for anyone confused by the insurance process, insurance policies, claims or anything else in the world of insurance. We do NOT sell insurance here, nor do we refer you to a sales person.

Sounds really interesting, doesn’t it? We all need insurance and need to understand what coverage’s we have but the most common advice out there is “read your policy”! That should put you straight to sleep. Even if you are an insomniac, you probably still will not understand what your policy covers and does not cover.

It’s a safe bet that right now you are not insured as completely as you should be.

We will cover all lines of insurance, types of claims, damages, repairs, accidents, health, illness and any related topics you want to discuss. We will discuss what coverage’s are available for any type of insurance you might need and why you would need it. What to do when you need your insurance policy. How to make a claim and when NOT to.

We intend to simplify the language and talk in simple terms anyone can follow. Our primary direction and focus will be determined by you.